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Rare Racer Comes to Carlisle

Larry Jewett - March 27, 2014 10:18 AM


Rare Boss 429 Cougar will be displayed at Carlisle Ford Nationals

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Dyno Don Niocholsonm and Eddie Schartman were pilots of the rare Cougars in 1969.

Carlisle Events.

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The Carlisle Ford Nationals runs June 6-8, 2014 at the Carlisle (Pennsylvania) Fairgrounds and will feature multiple special displays, reunions, guests and more. While some of the gems scheduled for display remain a mystery until show weekend, some are known beforehand. Organizers couldn’t contain the exciting news about a very rare Ford racer - a Boss 429 powered Mercury Cougar.
Born in 1969, this racer is one of only two ever built.  What made it unique and rare is what went under its hood. Designed for racing and during a time when Ford was looking for any possible edge over rival Chrysler, builder Kar Kraft was commissioned to build a pair of the '69 Cougars.  Once completed, these two were sold to racers "Dyno Don" Nicholson and "Fast Eddie" Schartman.  While the "sale price" of $1 per car was not out of the ordinary within racing circles, what was odd was the engine that was planned.
It was decided that a Boss 429 would find its way between the front wheels and that its power would be enough to make Ford go further...or at least faster.  Multiple modifications were made to the car to make the powerful engine fit, but once it was in, while unique - it was a flop.  A few trips back to the drawing board ultimately lead to a decision by "Dyno Don" to swap engines and put in a 427 V-8 instead.  This engine cranked out more horsepower as well as torque.
Ultimately, neither driver stuck with this experience very long and conveniently enough, neither driver returned their racing car to Ford as was customary to do.  Each fell off the radar for many years (the cars, not the drivers) and while Don's car is nearly complete and will appear at Carlisle, Eddie's ride is actively being restored.
As Don's car comes to Carlisle, it's unknown at this time what exact engine will go into it.  Will it be the Boss 429 or will a 427 find its way under the hood.  Current owner Ed Meyer has both engines and after some further research, he'll decide what power plant will find its way under the hood.
The only way to know for sure is to visit the Carlisle Ford Nationals, June 6-8. Details can be found at