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Ford Retractable CLub returns to its roots

By Larry Jewett - June 20, 2011 04:56 PM


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Summer is the time for top down cruising and those who have the vehicles for the task are envied. Naturally, your first thought will be a convertible when it comes to dropping the top. Some may not realize that was not the only option to open up to the skies. Many of today’s enthusiasts may not be familiar with the retractable.

 Actually, more may have become aware of it, thanks to the efforts of some aftermarket companies to convert standard late models (like Mustangs) into retractables. The retractables featured “hard tops” that folded down in a series of movements much like a convertible. It was a single switch operation that amazed many.

In 1971, John Bobo started the International Ford Retractable Club (IFRC), dedicated to the 1957-1959 Skyliner. The club started in Dayton, Ohio. In honor of the 40th anniversary, the annual convention will return to its roots. The show will run from July 18-22.

Dayton also hosted the 20th anniversary show in 1991.

The IFRC brings top-of-the-line cars from those three models years into one place, providing the largest gathering you will see anywhere. In addition to the judged car show, organizers have put together a number of tours and activities of attractions throughout the Dayton area to add to the experience.

The convention details and information about the club itself can be found at