Chryslers at Carlisle Day 1

Hemi badges abound

By Larry Jewett - July 09, 2011 02:13 AM


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Sent By Andy Bolig

 Hemi badges and Pentastars abounded throughout the first official day of the 2011 Chryslers at Carlisle event in Pennsylvania. A mid-day shower confirmed the fears of many who chose not to risk the moisture. While deals were made in both the swap meet and the car corrals, those in attendance scurried for shelter under rooftops and easy-ups as the show field received a cleansing and cooling off from the lingering shower. Some of the highlights that occurred on that first day, before the liquid sunshine brought out the raincoats and drying-off towels, kept enthusiasts entertained without delay. Well, almost. This year, Carlisle Events chose to highlight Cars and Stars by implementing some of the more notable vehicles like the bright-red Belvedere that bore the name Christine, as well as the instantly recognizable “01”emblazoned on the doors of the Hazzard County boys’ Charger. There were also recognizable cars from American Graffiti and Starsky and Hutch. More than just cars, attendance of this year’s event also included stars from these shows in the likes of Paul Le Mat (John Milner, the guy in the yellow ’32) and Cindy Williams from American Graffiti, William Ostrander from Christine and John Schneider from the Dukes of Hazzard. While the talented group was treated like rock stars during the event, they acted like anything but. They were very gracious and accommodating to the constant beckoning for signatures and photos and leading up to the signature session on Friday, while actor John Schneider was delayed, the group helped pass the time by shaking hands, telling stories and meeting with those lined up, awaiting the official beginning of the signature session. With today’s actors and such assuming such a self-appointed, larger than life persona, it was refreshing to see that this memorable group of talent hadn’t followed in the footsteps of those who had come along after them. Today’s celebs would do well to take notice. The quality of cars in attendance was excellent as well. Everything from amazingly restored examples, true unrestored originals and highly modified monsters were roving around the fairgrounds for all to see. We found a few that stood out to us and although we couldn’t bring them home, we could show them to you. The first official day of the event ended on a somewhat soggy note, but, enthusiasm runs deep and tomorrow will be another day of sharing our enthusiasm with others, and you.