Chryslers at Carlisle

Lots of sun, good for fun

By Larry Jewett - July 11, 2011 02:20 AM


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Submitted by Andy Bolig

Saturday is always the busiest day for any Carlisle event and this year, the weather on this particular Saturday was directly ordered from the Chamber of commerce. The sun came out early and basked all enthusiasts through clear skies. Attendance was noticeably up from the day before and spot wax replaced drying towels all over the showfield. 

The broad spectrum of colors offered under the Pentastar badge became quickly evident in the mid-day sunshine and like Mopar’s future, the scene on the showfield couldn’t have been brighter. Attendees spent their day milling among the various exhibits within the tents and without reservation. As we overheard conversations, two of the big hits for this year’s event were the barn finds exhibit and the Survivor tent where cars ranging from slant-sixes to Superbirds were found in conditions ranging from decades-old dusty to daily drivers. Standing as examples of factory-stock offerings and the effects that mother nature can have on our beloved rides, these cars kept attendees attention by being individualized examples of cars built on a production line.

As the day progressed the grandstands and provided seating areas became standing room only as various events played out throughout the day. Again, there were autograph sessions for the various stars and their cars as well as a question and answer session with the famed Ramchargers, officiated by Herb McCandless. The grandstands were over-flowing with enthusiasts willing to sit and enjoy the view as their peers who were willing, would deliberately shred a set of tires. Literally turning objects of round rubber into noise and smoke was a huge success and the crowd went into an instantaneous roar almost as loud as the boom from a tire or two as they would instantly assume atmospheric pressure, having only rubber dust and exposed cords to show for it. Each participating attendee received the honor of overcoming traction with horsepower and a shirt.

There were many unscheduled sights for attendees to take in by either participating or simply observing. Enthusiasts could either bring their cars to the dyno for the official word on their car’s performance or, they could watch others throughout the day. They could walk around the showfield and take in the myriad of different cars and configurations organized throughout the fairgrounds or stroll through the manufacturer’s midway area and plan for their own modifications. Several suppliers in the midway had various autos on display in their booths as rolling business cards of what can be expected. Attendees could not only get the recommended pamphlets, but also experience them for themselves.

All in all, even as the Saturday events typically stand as the highlight of the Carlisle event, with the incredible weather and excellent turnout, this Saturday in 2011 could well be the highlight of many Mopar enthusiasts’ show season. Deservedly so.