Chip Miller Honored

Miller Inducted into Bloomington Gold's Great Hall

Andy Bolig - December 05, 2012 09:14 PM


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As many people are well aware, my father (Chip Miller) had oil flowing through his veins.

The Bloomington Gold "Great Hall" recognizes ten people/organizations and ten cars annually that contribute or have contributed to the Corvette and collector car hobby.

The Hall inductions take place each June as part of the all-Corvette Bloomington Gold event, one of the largest of its type held annually. In 2013, the event will take place at the Assembly Hall grounds at the University of Illinois in Champaign and will host thousands of the nicest Corvettes in the hobby. The event is dubbed America's Original Corvette show and the induction of Miller and Carlisle Events will mark the fourth class of a planned five to be welcomed into the Hall.

Miller co-founded Carlisle Events in 1974 with friend Bill Miller, Jr. Though the two weren't related, they not only shared a last name, they shared an amazing passion for all things automotive. In 1982, Chip's love of the Corvette sparked the launch of Corvettes at Carlisle. From day one, this event stood head and shoulders above many like it and was unquestionably the best all-Corvette event on the east coast. To this day, Corvettes at Carlisle sees an amazing passion and enthusiasm by its followers with attendees traveling from all points of the globe to be onsite. Corvettes at Carlisle grew from the automotive excitement of one man but has been enjoyed by more than 50,000 Corvette owners who line the Funfield each August.

Sadly, Miller passed away in 2004 due to a rare disease known as Amyloidosis. Since then, his son Lance, original co-founder Bill Miller, Jr. and his son, Bill Miller III have continued to promote and produce some of the finest automotive events in the country. The Carlisle Events brand has become synonymous with not only the collector car hobby, but also the Corvette itself. With the recognition by Bloomington Gold and support from great events like it, Corvettes at Carlisle and Carlisle Events hope to continue energizing the car world for decades to come.

"When Guy Larsen, a good friend of mine and President of Bloomington Gold, called me to inform me that my father was inducted into the Great Hall I was delighted," said Lance Miller. "Mr. Larsen went on to articulate that Carlisle Events would also be inducted and I couldn't think of a better way to start the holidays," continued Miller. "As many people are well aware, my father (Chip Miller) had oil flowing through his veins. He was the ultimate car guy and had an indisputable passion for Corvettes. He loved the Corvette hobby immensely, but he loved the people even more so. His passion for the cars, the people and the hobby was undeniable to anyone he came in contact with. I’m certain he’s looking down with that incredible smile I miss so dearly with great pride in being inducted in the Bloomington Gold Great Hall. Finally, I’d like to thank the Bloomington Gold team and Great Hall committee members for honoring my father and Carlisle Events; it’s a true honor."


The following will be inducted during the June, 2013 ceremony: 

Mike Antonick (NCRS member), Zora Arkus-Duntov (NCRS member), Bloomington Gold (Owned/run by NCRS member), Reeves Callaway, Carlisle Productions (Owned/run by NCRS members), Chip Miller (NCRS member), William Mitchell, Jim Perkins (NCRS member), Dr. Dick Thompson (NCRS member), Mike Yager (NCRS #222), 1953 s/n 003 (carried over from 2012), 1957 Fuel Injection Icon (1 HP per CID), 1961 Gulf Racing Icon, 1962 First 327, 1963 Grand Sport Icon, 1965 First Big Block Icon, 1967 L88 Daytona Racer, Chevrolet Corvette Factory Series Racer, Callaway Cars Icon, Z06 Icon (Factory production 500+ HP, 2006), ZR1 Icon (Factory production 600+ HP, 2009).