Cheers to Carlisle Blue!

Corvettes at Carlisle tursn 30

By Andy Bolig - August 12, 2011 05:17 PM

Corvettes at Carlisle turns 30 in 2011 and this year's event will be a celebration like no other.  First, earlier this year General Motors announced Carlisle Blue Metallic as a color option for 2012 Corvettes.  Now, Market Cross Pub & Brewery, based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, will brew and brand a special batch of beer specifically for the event.  Carlisle Blue Brew will be available for patrons beginning August 25 and will remain on tap through the run of Corvettes at Carlisle.  The beer itself will be a Pale Ale, light in color, and alcohol, yet a full body.

Market Cross Pub & Brewery, located at 113 North Hanover Street in Carlisle, has been in operation since April 1, 1994.  According to their web site, Market Cross Pub "offers good food, a fine assortment of beers and ales from around the world and the friendly atmosphere of English Pub life."  The establishment features live music, pub style food and a wide array of adult beverages, including more than ten varieties of "house beers" over the course of a year.  The brewing operation for Market Cross is maintained and operated exclusively for the pub and its patrons with the Carlisle Blue Brew Pale Ale becoming the 11th "flavor" added to the pub's brewing rotation.
The Carlisle Blue Brew project is being undertaken, in part, to honor Corvettes at Carlisle, Carlisle Blue Metallic, Chip Miller and the craft beer hobby.  Carlisle and the Corvette brand have been tied together since the initial Corvettes at Carlisle event in 1982.  During the 30-year relationship with General Motors and Corvette, Carlisle has become known as THE place for the most eclectic mix of Corvette buffs, be it a single car owner, collector or admirer. With the addition of "Carlisle Blue Metallic," Corvette has officially recognized Carlisle's place in the history and growth of their brand.