The Road Ahead

Stop Looking in the Mirror

Larry Jewett - October 10, 2013 10:00 AM


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Last time I had the opportunity to fill this space, I talked about dropping the top and driving.

It didn’t matter where or how far. The idea is to just go, hopefully in carefree manner of pure enjoyment.

This time, I get to talk about the road ahead, but not just for the cars we love and use. I’m talking about the passion we can bring to the hobby and how we ourselves can play the role that is necessary to increase your enjoyment.

Most of us accept change and don’t fear it. We know change is going to occur, but we’re never sure how much of a change we’re going to get. We’re not against detours as long as it gets us to where we’re going to go.

Recent personnel changes have us looking at the map on a professional basis and we’re excited about the trip ahead. In late June, Amos Publishing announced the appointment of Jeff Greisch as President. He comes to Amos with over 30 years of executive level publishing experience. Greisch spent most of his career with Reed Elsevier, moving from vice president positions to president of the Chicago division.

Rick Amos, chairman of Amos Publishing, expressed his excitement in bringing a leader with Greisch’s experience and understanding of the publishing business to the company. Amos indicated the company is transitioning from a historically print publishing environment to today’s digital publishing environment and Greisch’s publishing leadership experience will assure a successful transition.

Greisch is bringing a team of publishing industry executives to help lead the transition. Jane Volland will become Chief Financial Officer, bringing 30 years of publishing industry experience. Dean Horowitz will join the team as Vice President of Product Development and eCommerce. His resumé includes extensive experience at the executive level.

The announcement has all of the excitement of a road trip. We’re deciding where we’re going to go, but we know who is going with us. We know who is going to be the one to bring the snacks, who is going to be the one to figure up the gas expenses and who’s the one who’s going to make sure we see the sights we want to see. These are heady times. Like any good road trip, we’re going to leave ourselves a little open time for venturing slightly off course if there is benefit to be had. Some of the most breathtaking scenery isn’t on the major highways. Sometimes, you just have to leave the interstate and see what’s happening on the two-lane roads of America. It’s called exploring for a reason and our focus is going to be exploring some new paths without foregoing the ones that are vital to the reason and purpose of being involved in the hobby. It’s kind of like the recently completed Rally New England, which we’ll tell you more about at another time.

If you’ve visited our website lately, we’ve changed the name and that’s probably not going to be the last change we will notice. Auto Enthusiast as a magazine came into being through the efforts of traditional niche magazines. One of those magazines was among the longest running titles in the hobby, Cars & Parts. While we’re not Cars & Parts The Magazine and never intended to be, a lot of what we do at Auto Enthusiast is about cars and parts … and people.

We like to think that each issue is helping to bring these elements together to make the hobby that much stronger, to incite the passion that much more and to create the strength in the message that those of us who like cars have this bond that has been populating car clubs and filling cruise-in parking lots and showfields across the country. We’ve seen cars bought and sold, built and destroyed, collected and honored. We’ve seen parts get better, safer and more user friendly. We’ve seen the people take their ideas and innovations and push the car culture forward.

It happens when someone takes the first step on the journey, the road trip that awaits. It’s impossible to say what is next, but we’re gassing up and getting ready for the ride. There’s a spot for you.