Safe From Stealing

OnStar shares top tips for keeping your car and your belongings safe

Andy Bolig - October 03, 2013 10:13 AM


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Imagine coming back to your car after a nice dinner or a fun shopping trip only to find your car isn’t there. 

Having your car stolen is obviously something nobody wants to experience and while there are some amazing anti-theft devices, not everyone’s car is equipped with them.  But there are steps that everyone can take to prevent their car and anything inside it from being stolen.

Tips To Help Keep Your Car Safe: 

  • Never, ever leave your keys in the car, even if it’s just for a minute, even if your car is in your driveway or garage.

  • If you have an attached garage and you are inside the house or out in the backyard, make sure your garage door is closed, or the service door leading into your living area is locked. Most people leave their keys on a hook right inside the door, making it too easy for a thief.

  • Invest in an alarm system for your vehicle. Anything that acts as a deterrent — whether it slows a thief down or makes a lot of noise — helps. Passersby may not pay attention to a car alarm that’s going off, but the fact that a car is still there making noise and/or flashing lights — and not long gone — shows it’s working as a deterrent. 

  • Always park in well-lit area where there are people around, and never leave valuables in plain view.

  • When you park your car, turn the wheels toward the curb or the edge of the driveway to make it harder to tow it from the rear.

  • Never leave your unattended car running, even with the doors locked, no matter whether you’re warming it up in the driveway or making a quick stop at the store. It only takes a second to smash a window and drive away.