Rally U.S. 50 Update

Enjoying the Drive

Mindi - July 10, 2014 02:18 PM


At the starting line in Jefferson City, Missouri for day 4, but let's see how the team got there.

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Don't blink or you might miss one of the "hundreds" of white squirrels

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Not sure if Oatmeal has been to the Gateway Arch, but has been now.

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Face were beaten by a woman!

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      With the 3rd place finish under our belt on day 2, we knew we can't place again for the remainder of the rally. We decided to make day 3 a blow off day where we pick and choose our checkpoints and roll.
      Starting line for the day provided us with some cool options. We opted to first catch the crazy southern Illinois town with albino squirrels. The town park was home to hundreds of them… supposedly. During our 45-minute stay, we saw one.
      We welcomed other teams to the checkpoint and saw them off. I had the opportunity to have Karen from ACP ride shotgun with me to the next leg, which was the St Louis Arch. Oatmeal, Karen and I made quick work of the 2.5 hours. I had the opportunity to ask more about MS and its effects, along with how the ACP helps. Pretty amazing foundation. Proud to help fundraise for them! (Get more details at
      Once to the Arch, we snap some pics and head to Gateway Motorsports Park. Paced laps on the oval track was the next checkpoint. Due to our late arrival, we missed that but made up for it with go karts. 8 in our crew rolled deep and fired off 13 laps.
      After there, we headed straight to the finish line, Canterbury Hill Winery. It overlooked a valley. Beautiful set up with expansive views. Perfect finish line.
Stories start rolling in about who got pulled over, who got written, what routes they chose, who broke down, who helped who, etc. Competitors during the day, but friends at night.
      If you've never done a rally like this before, stop putting it off!
      Onto the after party... We roll into our hotel in Jefferson City, where the party continues in the parking lot. This way, we don't interrupt sleep for the civilians and we can continue with our good night. 10 of us gathered around Team Champagne’s 911, reminiscing about the past rallies and telling stories that we've never heard, even though we were all on the same rallies. Late night party stories, breakdown stories, “adult male entertainment” stories, crazy car parts stories, you name it.
      We call it at midnight. We've gotta get our rest... Tomorrow is a big day. Over 500 miles to log as we roll onto Dodge City, Kansas.