Mr. Norm's Sports Club

Bringing It Back

Larry Jewett - July 10, 2013 02:15 PM


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It seems like only yesterday to some of us, but it’s been 50 years since Mr. Norm started Grand Spaulding Dodge in 1963. Coinciding with the delivery of his first order of Dodges, which consisted of nothing less than four truckloads of Max Wedge sedans and hardtops, he started the Mr. Norm’s Sports Club. Everyone who bought a new high performance Dodge from Mr. Norm received a free membership in the Sports Club. This included an informative monthly newsletter, along with discounts on parts and accessories, making it more affordable for Sport Club members to enhance the performance and appearance of their muscle cars.
In commemoration of his 50th Anniversary, Norm would like to invite everyone in the Mopar community to join him in celebrating this milestone with a free one-year membership in the legendary Mr. Norm’s Sports Club. Just like in the ‘60s, everyone will receive the monthly newsletter that has the latest news and scoops, along with discounts on Mr. Norm’s memorabilia, parts, accessories and vehicle packages for Mopars. Just go to, fill out the Mr. Norm’s Sports Club 50th Anniversary Membership form and get in on the action.