MoVenture Over

We finished a close second

By Jefferson Bryant - July 22, 2011 09:56 PM


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In the end, one team won and that team was not ours. Team Purple managed to squeak by us by 32 points out of over 3,500, so it was very tight. Along the way, we got to see Mount Rushmore, the world’s largest rocking chair and the Crazy Horse memorial - it was good times all around. Am I upset I don’t get to take home the MoVenture trophy? Absolutely, but I met a great bunch of people and made some new friends.

For the next couple of days, it is lots of drag racing at the Mopar Mile-High Nationals. We are also planning on taking the short trip to the OSU basketball plane crash memorial, which is not far from Denver. I am going to miss seeing some of these people every day, you really do build bonds with people in these types of events and that has surprised me more than anything.  As for what’s next? Well I am packing up my new Oakley sunglasses, Oakley watch, MOPAR swag and $500 in MOPAR parts vouchers and heading back to Oklahoma on Monday.

Gotta shout out to the people in the picture, These are best people to drive across country with! Thanks for hanging out with us and making MoVenture so much fun! Team Blue: Keith and Derek; Team Yellow: Susan and Garrett; Team Red: Mike and Gil; and Team Green: Craig and Susan.