MoVenture in Minny

A close finish to end the day

By Jefferson Bryant - July 19, 2011 12:48 PM


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Today was brutal. We headed out of the hotel to the Crandon International Off-Road Speedway for a Traxxas RC truck race challenge. The winner got 100 points (2 heats, worth a total of 200 points) and a high-powered ride in the TORC pace truck. Somehow, I managed a 34.946 second lap time, which beat second place by 4 seconds! I won my heat, and got the ride of lifetime. It was so much fun. From there, we headed to the Twin Cities for a scavenger hunt.

The hunt was in the Mall of America. That place is huge. I blew out some skin on my ankle, so I had to take my shoes off and run like a girl in a party dress carrying my high-heels (I was actually carrying my shop shoes, but you get the picture). Flatflooted, running several miles around a tile floor= Fun! We got out the mall just in time. Then off into drive time traffic.

The twin cities has horrible traffic. We took a surface street detour and made great time only to have the teams that were stuck in traffic catch a break in the congestion. Three teams beat us there by just a couple seconds. In fact, one car pulled in lot right in front of us and I ran inside to check in, just beat ‘em and that was worth 10 points. Next, we found out that the Walser Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership that was hosting us and provide a truly great home-cooked meal had a service inspection challenge. Orange team took 3rd, just barely getting edged out by the blue and “Team Espresso” teams. In all, we fared well. Through consistent finishes, we are in the running for the daily points championship, but barely. It all hinges on your votes for our daily photo challenge, which can get us an extra 100 points. Make sure you vote every day. On to the next…