Moventure Heads West

A good day's drive

By Jefferson Bryant - July 20, 2011 11:25 AM


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Today was hot and humid. The humidity up here is even beyond what we have in Oklahoma, add to that the 100 degree temps, and it is just plain awful. We started the day by driving to an indoor skate park. The layout was cool, but it was inside without AC and the concrete was sweating. That made it slippery to the point of being like wet ice. I fell several times during the challenge, but Chris managed to take 2nd place, which we needed. We drove into South Dakota for a paintball challenge. I got hit twice, but the first shot caused me to misstep and I twisted my knee, so now I am pimpin’, cause when I walk I’m a limpin’…

We had actually had a nice leisurely drive to the hotel, the Cedar Shore resort, which is very nice, it sits right in the lake and it is beautiful. We did manage to pull off the points win for yesterday, by 10 points, getting us another $500 in Mopar parts and accessories vouchers. Thanks again Mopar. Tomorrow is supposed to be really fun, which means really busy, so I am going to sleep.