MoVenture Day 2

Lookign for clues inthe Windy City

By Jefferson Bryant - July 19, 2011 12:53 PM


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The MoVenture started with a quick race to the Field Museum in Chicago on the shore line of Lake Michigan. It was here that we learned Team Orange managed to take the top spot in points for day 1. We were awarded with $500 in Mopar parts and accessories! Thanks Mopar, as if you haven’t done enough, you come through big time with this prize. Thank you to all of our supporters for your help with votes on the daily photo challenge. That has been a massive help!

Our first task was to get to Wrigley Field for our next clue. How cool is it that we got to go to one of the most famous ballparks only to have a message on the marquee just for us? We went to the Jelly Belly factory for a taste test challenge, we got 6 of 10 correct, not bad for a couple of Okies! From there, we had to decipher a clue in Italian which led us to the Bergstrom Fiat dealer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for some pizza and a parallel parking challenge, involving a Fiat 500 and 13’ of space. We got all 100 points. Then we had to paint a picture of a Fiat for our photo challenge. Make sure you go vote for Team Orange at

The day ended with a drive to a secluded resort casino in a national forest that I can not only say but I can’t spell it either, so that will have to remain a mystery. Tomorrow, we have found out that we get to drive a 4x4 challenge, I can’t wait.