Mo Moventure

Our first day on the road

By Larry Jewett - July 18, 2011 04:02 PM

MoVenture Day 1  
The first actual day of the rally began with a quick run (basically two blocks) from the hotel to the Chrysler Museum where all the teams traded their keys for a set of keys to a brand new Chrysler 300C. Each car had a CD on the console. The CD gave us a clue of where to find the clues; the recent locations for the navigation system. It took use about 12 minutes to figure it out. The clues took us to 10 places in Detroit—The Dodge brothers grave, the Joe Louis Memorial, Tiger Stadium, etc. We managed to hit 9 in the allotted 2 hours. One poor team never figured out the clue.

Once back, we got a new clue. It said that us Pilgrims need to get in our Mayflowers and head on out. But even though we weren’t going to Massachusetts, there was a place that is the promised land for local racers. At first we were thinking Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but then we clued in to the pilgrim stuff, and Plymouth came to mind. Plymouth, Indiana was the next destination. Along the way, we had some bonus point opportunities. We only had time for one.

Our physical challenge for the day was a pit-stop wheel change race. Team Orange came in second place with a 30 second time. Not too bad. In all, Team Orange had 410 points by the end of the day for a 1st place finish in the first day. This does not count any bonus points which have not been tallied, so we will know in the morning if that 1st place is going to stick. Check back later for more!

Report provided by Jefferson Bryant