Goin' Green

Color chocies

Larry Jewett - September 13, 2012 10:00 AM


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We can be heavily influenced by our elders when we are growing up, but there are times when the rebellious side kicks in and wins the battle.

Throughout my childhood, it was a well-known fact that my dad did not like green on anything but especially cars. “The only good thing that’s green is money and grass,” he would say, eventually conceding that lettuce was OK for salads.

With that type of influence, it may stand to reason that I would pick up the mantle and carry the torch of the anti-green camp, but this just becomes one of those times when the rebellious side won. While I have never actually owned a green car, it wasn’t because I was afraid of being disowned or written out of the will.

If you ask my wife, there have been countless times when I said, “If I could buy a new Camaro, I would get the green one,” referring to the special edition Synergy Green.

Now, I am kind of in the same boat when it comes to the latest Mustang. If I could buy a 2013 Mustang, my color choice would be Gotta Have It Green.

Like a lot of things green, it grows on you … or maybe not. There are those who saw this color and immediately announced their disdain for it. Like many, I saw Grabber Green in it and, like the crowd of Grabber colors that preceded it, flashed back to the muscle car era. I get that way when I see a Green With Envy Challenger, too, thinking about the Sublime Green and, especially, the Sassy Grass Green I saw in my youth.

Not all greens are created equal. I’m lukewarm on Ford’s Highland Green, but I loved the Rallye Green on the first generation Camaros (I remember even trying to sway my dad by asking “How could you not like that color?” Never ask a question unless you are prepared for the answer.) I absolutely cannot warm up to Legend Lime.

The vibrant colors offered by the manufacturers are a bold move, perhaps as bold as the colors themselves. A recent survey found silver to be the top car color with pale pastels like white and beige right in the thick of things. You have to go a long way down the list before you find anything from the palette of a box of Crayola’s original eight-pack. It seems like color isn’t something really important when looking for a car … if you’re just looking for something to get from point A to point B. Now, if you’re looking for something that makes a statement, that’s where your colors like the greens of today and yesterdays, the Hugger Orange, the Plum Crazy and the like will really make a mark.

No matter what your view on Gotta Have It Green, there is solace in knowing that the muscle car days are still very prominent in today’s cars. These vivid colors will never outsell the rest, but that’s the idea after all. You never got a muscle car to be an unnoticed part of a crowd. The modern horsepower figures already take care of the power side of the equation, so those who truly want to step away from the masses are doing so with exterior hues. It shakes up things a bit. It’s good to be green (apologies to Kermit The Frog).