Finish in Sight

Some speed bumps along the way

By Jefferson Bryant - July 22, 2011 09:52 PM


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What a day. First, we left out of Cedar Shore, in first place, then we got a phone call from another team that the cops were looking for us. Sure enough, we pulled over and 15 minutes later (after all the other teams pulled over), the sheriff came up and told us that somebody had called us in. We had a MOPAR representative in the car with us, there were no shenanigans in the Orange car. Once we got back on the road, we made good time and got to the next location, the Pioneer Auto Museum in Mordo, South Dakota. From there, we headed out and found ourselves in first place again. Making good time, we solved all the clues and headed to get some bonuses. Through a horrific error, we blew the last bonus, which was worth a massive 140 points. Upset and frustrated, we headed in to the final location and arrived 1st. That helped, but the team in second place overall achieved the last bonus, so that put us about 70 points behind. With one last day in the rally, we shall see what happens. It is a close race.