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Larry Jewett - May 08, 2013 03:57 PM


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Ever watch one of those TV travel shows and think, “That would have been even better with a classic car in it”? Or perhaps you’ve tuned into an automotive show and thought, “This is cool, but I wish they’d take the darn car out of the garage.”
Well, we’re happy to report that a show which fulfills both wishes has arrived.
Produced by American Collectors Insurance, the show is called “American Detours” — and the pilot episode is now available at The first season of six episodes is airing exclusively online and features collector cars like a 1963 1/2 Ford Galaxieand a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner.
The premise of the show is simple: Take one collector car and one scenic, twisty, or otherwise interesting road, and mix. Then repeat as needed.
The idea behind the webisode series was inspired in part by the stories we’ve heard from policyholders who take their cars to shows, meets, or occasionally to their favorite local road to have a little fun. In many ways, it’s a tribute to valued policyholders and anyone who’s part of the collector car hobby.
American Detours is hosted by journalist and TV personality Jael de Pardo, who is joined by our Director of Automotive Education Andy Trought or Executive Editor of Hooniverse Jeff Glucker, depending on the episode.
The first season follows our cast and crew all over the United States, from Louisiana to West Virginia to the scenic Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania, which despite being in another state, is practically in the backyard of American Collectors’ headquarters.
One very exciting aspect of the show is that it lets viewers get involved. Not only through a robust website (described elsewhere), but also in the selection of filming locations. Both the Louisiana and West Virginia destinations were chosen in a Facebook vote open to the public. Soon, we’ll invite you to share your opinion as we get ready to plan season 2.
Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the show has been the opportunity to meet American Collectors policyholders across the country. For starters, all the “star” cars in the show are the cars of actual American Collectors clients. The generosity of these collector car owners in sharing their cars and stories with us on camera has been nothing short of overwhelming. What’s more, we’ve invited local enthusiasts to “wrap parties” at every shooting location.
In addition to meeting great people and their great cars, the show also gives viewers snapshots of great American travel destinations. Some highlights include The Greenbrier resort in West Virginia, Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, and The Creole Nature Trail in Louisiana. Because everyone gets hungry after a few hours on the road, we’ve been sure to feature a few local eateries where drivers and passengers alike can refuel.
Says American Collectors CEO Jill Bookman, “We had a great time making the first season of American Detours. I hope that viewers are inspired to visit some of the places we cover— and also to share their own cars and stories with us via the website.”
So head on over to now to watch the premiere episode which features a 1963 1/2 Ford Galaxie and a unique antiques/collectibles shop off of The Creole Trail in Louisiana. New episodes are scheduled to air approximately every 2 weeks afterwards — with bonus video of the cars and the pit stops released in the periods in between. So be sure to check back frequently.
All of us at American Collectors hope you are able to tune in and look forward to hearing what you think of the program!