Voices From the Tower

Special DVD Coming in 2013

Larry Jewett - December 27, 2012 08:03 AM


Bob Frey


Jon Lundberg


Dave McClelland

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Traci Hrudka, chairman of the Quarter Mile Foundation. has announced the Foundation has begun production of a special, introductory volume DVD for the PROJECT 1320 documentary, titled “Voices from the Tower.”
Ms. Hrudka stated, “There have been many people waiting for this day to come.  We are very excited to get to this point, especially for all of our supporters and those that believe in this mission. We would like to thank everyone that has been a part of this crusade, and hope all will see this release as a testimony that we will make this documentary happen.
“The DVD uses portions of interviews of three legendary drag racing announcers: Bob Frey, Jon Lundberg and Dave McClelland.  With 150 years of announcing experience between them, ‘Voices from the Tower’ should give the audience a very broad overview of how the sport grew and evolved.”
Dan Koterba, who has conducted and filmed the majority of the interviews, is overseeing the production. “We want to let the drag racing community and fans get a feel for the look and the texture of the documentary.  It will not be a complete ‘interview-by-interview’ production, but rather a number of people who will be discussing a range of topics; and the interviews will be edited in such a manner to present several perspectives.
“In the ‘Voices from the Tower,’ you’ll find them making their observations about the events and situations they viewed as announcers, plus offering commentary about topics we might not expect to hear from them.”
Voices from the Tower will be priced at $20.00 plus shipping and handling from the Quarter Mile Foundation website (  The Production work is currently underway, with an anticipated release in early 2013.