Track Guys at Sebring

Seat Time at Historic Course

Larry Jewett - May 30, 2014 11:18 AM


This first generation Mustang sported a license plate from Washington state, getting plenty of track time on the weekend.

Michele Jewett

Between sessions, this owner took care of a few maintenance issues, helped by the shade of the Sebring paddock on a warm Saturday.

Larry Jewett

Instructor Jeff Lacina addresses the students from two run groups and detailed the fine art of properly driving through the corners. That's critical on a 17-turn track.

Larry Jewett

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      The Track Guys Performance Driving Events brought their program to Sebring, Florida, giving students the chance to improve their driving skills on the storied 3.7-mile road course. The 2014 event marked the 13th appearance for Track Guys at Sebring.
      This year, nearly three dozen instructors were on hand to assist the program with some instructors handling more than one student. The students provide the cars and Mustangs were the predominant choice, though there were more a few European and domestic brands represented as well.
      Utilizing a combination of classroom time and track experience, Track Guys allows the drivers to learn at their own pace. They provide everything from the basics in the classroom that would be employed in any situation (proper turn technique was the topic of one session, critical on a 17-turn track where all turns are essentially different) to track-specific situations. Students are taught to use the given visuals and understand the proper way in “attacking” a course. Instructors put students into the passenger seat for tours of the track and then switch seats to provide verbal instruction while the owner is driving. The use of helmet-to-helmet intercoms assures clear in-car communications, regardless of the noise level. An emphasis is placed on consistency and improvement rather than the competitive prize (Students tend to be competitive among themselves on occasion). Track Guys is serious about fun and serious about helping students reach their high performance driving goals.
      Students came from across the country to attend the Sebring event. Track Guys will move to Hastings, Nebraska, for their next event. The fourth annual Mustang Round up will happen at the 2.15-mile Motorsport Park Hastings on September 18-21. For details, visit