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Searching for the ultimate street driver

Andy Bolig - May 28, 2014 11:13 AM


Competition is open for all makes and models


Safety is enforced, but an attitude of fun is also expected


There are classes ranging from Novice to full-on competition. Participants grow with their abilities and the fun times meet them where they are!

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The USCA has designed the events to cater to both the experienced driver as well as track novices having fun in their daily drivers.

The Ultimate Street Car Association gives anyone the opportunity to put their street car to the test at the most famous tracks in the USA.

Every enthusiast has at one time wondered what it would be like to drive on the same track as professional drivers. Despite the proliferation of modern high performance driving events, getting to drive on many of these iconic tracks has still remained a dream to many enthusiasts. Now, the Ultimate Street Car Association (USCA) has developed a nationwide tour of these legendary venues that gives people the chance to follow in the tire tracks of their favorite professional drivers in a no-pressure environment that promotes fun, education and safety.

Fun behind the wheel comes in many forms. To some, the ultimate excitement in a car comes from blasting down a straight-away at high speeds, yet others might enjoy the tight, technical corners of an autocross track or the “OMG” moments of a speed stop. At a USCA event, every aspect of vehicular amusement is incorporated into the ultimate three day event that includes a 60-mile “poker run” road rally, an autocross, a speed stop challenge, a road course time trial, and even vehicle judging for overall design and engineering.

These events aren’t just for hardcore track rats with highly-modified street cars either. The USCA has designed the events to cater to both the experienced driver as well as track novices having fun in their daily drivers. Throughout the weekend, the events are designed to build up the driver’s confidence behind the wheel as they learn the limits of their car’s handling, acceleration and braking in a safe and controlled environment. On the final day, participants head out onto the road course to put these skills to use while they enjoy more time on track than any other driving event around. For those drivers that really want to get the most out of their time on track, instructors are available free of charge to anyone that requests them.

Safety is one of the most important aspects of any USCA event and that includes both the safety equipment requirements for the participants and their vehicles as well as how the events are laid out and run. Safety equipment requirements for drivers are completely dependent upon which run group the participant wants to drive in. For those running in the novice group, which doesn’t allow any on-track passing, only a Snell-rated helmet, basic fire retardant shoes and gloves, an SFI-rated neck collar and factory or better three-point safety belts are required (convertibles must also have rollover protection). The more advanced the run group, the more on-track passing is allowed, and it is only in the most advanced run group that full protective clothing is required.

The Ultimate Street Car Association will be coming to some of the most renowned tracks in the United States this year including Sebring International Raceway, Auto Club Speedway, Road America and Portland International Raceway. Spaces for each event are limited so signing up early is the best way to guarantee having a spot. For those people that aren’t quite ready to drive but still want to come and check out all of the action, there are pit passes available to get up close and personal with the cars and drivers all weekend long. There are also two different discount programs available to help save you money on your entry fee. Referring a friend will earn you a 50% refund off of your registration fee and groups of three or more will receive a $100 discount on their entries. These promotional offers expire 30 days prior to any event so sign up early to save.

To sign up for an event or for more information on the Ultimate Street Car Association, including a list of track dates, event results, rules and membership information, please visit or follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. #DriveUSCA #becausestreetcar

Upcoming Events:
Auto Club Speedway – Fontana, CA – June 13-15, 2014
Road America – Elkhart Lake, WI – June 20-22, 2014
Gateway Motorsports Park – Madison, IL – July 18-20, 2014
Portland International Raceway – Portland, OR – August 1-2, 2014
Michigan International Speedway – Brooklyn, MI – August 22-24, 2014
Sebring International Raceway – Sebring, FL – September 19-21, 2014
Pittsburgh International Race Complex – Wampum, PA – October 3-5, 2014