Hooked on Driving Picks Corvette

Chevrolet to furnish 2014 Stingrays

Eric Kaminsky - February 17, 2014 10:15 AM

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Hooked on Driving, which provides high performance driver training in the controlled environment of a race course, has entered into a partnership with Chevrolet that will furnish 2014 Corvette Stingrays for use at HOD schools.

Hooked on Driving was founded 10 years ago by David Ray, who took a unique skill he had – the ability to drive a car safely at high speed on a race track – and used it to start a high-performance driving program.

The goal is for amateur drivers to capture the fun of driving on a race track in a safe, controlled environment. The group’s coaches guide drivers to higher skill levels in their own cars, which typically represent a cross-section of high-performance marques. Coaches are vetted, trained volunteers.

As part of the sponsorship, Corvette Stingrays will be available for HOD participants to experience, and if qualified, drive on the track at HOD events in its six regions – Northern California, Pacific Northwest, Great Lakes, Northeast, Southern States and Florida. Among the tracks that Hooked on Driving uses are New Jersey Motorsports Park, Autobahn Country Club, Atlanta Motorsports Park, and Homestead Miami.

In a typical first session, a coach will ride in the passenger seat and teach the driver high-performance driving techniques in their own car. Cars must be in good working order in order to participate.

Drivers can progress from the very basic Beginner group, where classroom theory and protocols are taught, through Intermediate to Advanced level driving skills.


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