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Story Randoll Reagan - June 19, 2011 09:00 AM

Image1 This 1948 Chevrolet convertible is an Arizona car with no rust. It has great sheetmetal. The dash is in great shape. The grille and bumpers could be considered fair.
Image2 A 1973 Nova 350 Custom that might be able to drive off as-is.
Image3 The 1941 Cadillac Sixty Special could be a restoration but has great parts options. Solid sheetmetal, great trim like the grille, bumper and hood side trim.
Image4 A complete 1953 Chevrolet panel truck that would be perfect for taking to swap meets.
Image5 A 1979 Ford Ranchero includes a topper. There’s plenty of potential here.
Image6 This is a California car, believed to be a 1956 De Soto Firedome V-8 Seville two-door hardtop.
Image7 Outstanding chrome can be found on this 1955 Packard, which, despite the windshield markings, wasn’t sold.
Image8 The 1962 Checker Marathon is a rare find. Only 1,000 of these were built in 1962 that weren’t used for taxis. The yard also had a newer non-taxi Checker, but this is the more valuable of the two.
Image9 If it’s a door you’re looking for, Desert Valley Auto Parts has a few.
Image10 Isn’t this fancy? It’s a 1942 Hudson horn.
Image11 There’s great sheetmetal on this 1977 Dodge Charger, which comes complete without the drivetrain.
Image12 Good front and window chrome highlight this 1950 Cadillac sedan that is complete with the drivetrain.
Image13 There are areas where parts have been removed like this sea of bumpers and grilles.
Image14 If you’re looking for a great street rod candidate, we found one with this 1936 Dodge. It has the suicide rear doors and solid floor metal.
Image15 Cadillac’s first production four-door hardtop is seen here with this 1956 Sedan deVille.
Image16 The window trim and grille are some of the better parts on this 1957 Cadillac Fleetwood.
Image17 Note the grille and the bumper on this 1951 Cadillac. Someone will be getting this car soon.
Image18 This is a complete Frigette add-on underdash air conditioner with condenser. It’s inside a 1951 Cadillac.
Image19 This 1954 Oldsmobile 88 was purchased without a radio and still has the factory chrome cover, a very rare item. Grille, bumpers and trim seem to be in good shape.
Image20 The biggest eye-catcher on this 1955 Buick Roadmaster is the fender porthole trim. All eight are there and they are in mint condition.
Image21 You never know what you need and you might find it in a collection of random parts like exhaust and intake manifolds.

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Desert Valley Auto Parts has gained worldwide attention with its massive inventory and commitment to quality parts.

With yards located in Phoenix and Casa Grande, Arizona, there are thousands of cars from the 1940s through the 1980s, giving restorers a good chance to find just what they are looking for.

The Arizona locations make rust not an issue, as you will find plenty of vehicles to be untouched by the element that can make a restoration project much more work. Rust, after all, is a four-letter word. The sheetmetal and trim on most of the cars has not been negatively affected by the elements. Much of the trim can be polished and used as-is. Desert Valley likes to cut out the middleman in any project by allowing customers to get it right from the source.

Most of the parts in the North Phoenix lot (23811 N. 7th Ave.) are 1959 and newer. The cars located at the Casa Grande location (900 W. Cottonwood) are from the 1920s through the 1980s, but most are 1940s to 1959.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to noon (Mountain time and there’s no daylight savings in Arizona). You may pay by credit card, cashier’s check, money order and personal check. Parts paid for with personal checks will be shipped when the check clears the buyer’s bank. Parts will be shipped via the buyer’s choice of conveyance.

Contact phone numbers are (800) 905-8084 (Phoenix) and (800) 798-2465 (Casa Grande). Their website is

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