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Compiled by Eric Kaminsky - March 07, 2013 10:00 AM


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California Classic

Owners: Michael and Joann Gullery

“I purchased my Mustang on December 15, 2000. I have no idea how many previous owners there have been over the years. I always liked the looks of the Mustang Fastback 2+2 back when I was a kid. And that wonderful Bullitt movie just increased my desires. Well, we all know that life seems to fly by but this time I was going to get one of those character cars. Yes, a 1967 Mustang fastback.

“I searched the new age classifieds (the Internet). I was just trying to get an idea of what is out there and the price I would expect to pay for a restored, drivable ’67. I then came upon a business in Southern California that purported to restore Mustangs and specialized in Shelbys. This business had a ’67 S-code (390ci engine) that was an original California car — no rust, engine rebuild and in good restored shape. We took it out for a test drive. What can I say? I never had driven anything like it. It had old technology handling and felt strange but wow, the power. I loved it.

“Over the following years I have basically repaired, rebuilt or restored all the mechanicals in the ’67. [He provided a list too long to fit here of all the upgrades, but it was extensive – Editor.] Every year I try to upgrade or restore something on the ’67. I have refreshed the interior and installed sound/heat matting.

“I have become very involved in an online forum for classic Mustangs called StangFix, and have met many new friends across the country and the world. See you on the road because that’s where my ’67 is at its best — out and about.”




Owners: Jim and Shirley Hornaday

“I’ve enclosed a few pictures of my 1956 Corvette that I finished this year (2012) after almost 14 years of ownership and restoration. The car was pretty much a basket case, as you can see, but the worst problem was that it had severe UV damage and had to have all the fiberglass ground down to a paper thin layer and then be completely re-fiberglassed on all the top surfaces including the dash area.

“Donald Conn of BDC Inc, did all the reconstructive work, then my wife Shirley and I helped with the fiberglass. The car was then painted by Seth Wood at Lucky’s Customs with help from his wife Audrey and their daughter Kaitlyn. Danny Hestand and Seth assisted in the reassembly.

“Quite a cooperative effort!”   


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