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Compiled by Eric Kaminsky - December 26, 2013 10:00 AM


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We got to be friends. I asked him when he was ready to sell the Charger, please tell me first

Hemi powered

1966 Dodge Charger / Owner: Gil Garcia

This Hemi-powered, four-speed Charger has been in Gil Garcia’s Fremont, California, garage since he bought it in 1995.

“I met the owner of the Charger at car shows,” Gil said. Gil was showing his own 1967 Hemi Plymouth GTX at the time. “We got to be friends. I asked him when he was ready to sell the Charger, please tell me first.”

Garcia, who goes by the nickname “Hemi Gil” told us he sold the GTX about five years ago, and now enjoys showing the Charger. It’s equipped with power steering and power windows, and also has a four-speed. Gil reports that the combination of a Hemi and a four-speed is a rare one, about 1 of 250.


Black Beauties

1977 Camaro / 1965 GTO

Owners: Parker Hansen / Tom Hansen 

New Franklin, Wisconsin, resident Parker Hansen is the fifth owner of the 1977 Camaro seen here. There’s nothing unusual about that, except that it was once owned by his dad, Tom. And then there’s the connection to the GTO. Here’s the rest of the story …

“I was the original owner [of the Camaro] and bought it new back in the summer of ’77. He [Parker] tracked down the people that owned it after me and bought it back. He and I did a frame-on restoration along with the help of our good friend, Jeff Matzke.

“When Parker was 13, he had a classmate whose dad had the GTO sitting in his garage, and he did not want to sell it because he was going to restore it ‘someday’. Eighteen years later, the GTO was sitting in the same spot in the same garage. Parker, now 31, gets a call from his friend asking if we were still interested in buying it.

“We were and we did. With Jeff’s help, we did a four-year, frame-off restoration. This photo is the first time the two ‘Blacks’ were out together.”