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1961 Corvette

Compiled by Eric Kaminsky - August 22, 2013 10:00 AM


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 Owners: Bob and Carrie Frampton

“I was a Corvette enthusiast long before I was old enough to drive. My interest in cars started shortly after I began working part-time pumping gas at my father’s Esso gas station at the age of 12. About six months before my 17th birthday, my father took me out to look at used ’Vettes. I bought the second one we looked at; it was a ’69 350/350 four-speed coupe.

“After that, I was hooked. My next one was a ’66 big block, then a ’62 and after that a ’56 with a hardtop. I sold the ’56 shortly before I got married in 1977. I didn’t own another Corvette until my wife and I found this ’61 at Corvettes at Carlisle in 1998. The price seemed too good to be true but I bought it anyway.

“After driving it for a couple of years, I decided to strip the paint off it and get it painted, that’s when I found out how bad the body was. So in 2002, I started to restore the car. I had to replace the nose, left side rocker panel and the left side quarter panel; the firewall had also been damaged from an electrical fire.

“Since the car didn’t have any of the original drivetrain, I decided to modify the car with a modern drivetrain. I installed a Jim Meyer coilover front suspension with power steering and power disc brakes; for the rear I used an independent rear suspension from an ’85 Corvette. For modern power, I used a 430hp LS3 engine from a 2009 Corvette and a five-speed Tremec overdrive transmission.

“I did all the work myself except the paintwork in my garage. I thought this project would take me about two years, but after nine years it is finally done (in late 2012). The car is a blast to drive and my wife and I take it out every chance we get. You don’t see many first-generation Corvettes on the roads these days, so it does attract a lot of attention when we take it out for a drive.”

Cars & Cardinals

2011 Camaro


Patrick Peterson

Cars and football have played a complementary role in Patrick Peterson’s life. Football fans may recognize the name. Peterson is a defensive back for the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals and has steadily increased his impact on the team. His key interceptions have been featured on national sports telecasts, giving him great notoriety for his abilities and athletic talents. He has a clear passion for the game, but he also has a passion for cars.

“I started getting interested in cars when I was a kid, about nine years old. My dad worked at a car lot and I would go with him and look at the cars and learn about them. I love to learn more about them. They all have different features and many are fun to drive. It’s interesting to learn how they are put together.”

As owner of five classic cars, Peterson has a variety in his collection. The 2011 Camaro shown here features a wide body kit and a cut-out in the hood scoop that allows you to look down into the engine. The car has plenty of muscle with 1,000 horsepower at the crank, thanks to engine add-ons including a Whipple supercharger. His pride and joy is a 1972 Chevelle that now houses a 468 big block Chevy engine. Interestingly, the car is red, just like the colors of his current team.

Peterson played his college football at Louisiana State University (LSU) and there wasn’t much interest from teammates with respect to cars. At his current spot, teammate Larry Fitzgerald is another car guy and the two have become disciples for the car culture.

Peterson doesn’t get the chance to spend much time on his cars, especially this time of year when his team is in the middle of their season. At times, he will join in and lend a hand when there is work to be done, but generally relies on a professional to take care of the work. He has been a keen observer to many of the modifications made to his cars. “I kinda learn what I know from him,” he added. “I’ll give him a hand if he asks me, but I can learn quite a bit just watching and asking questions. I have a lift at my shop, so we can do about anything. I love the classics best, but really am just a fan of cars in general.”