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The Modern Muscle X Winner

Story Larry Jewett - June 19, 2011 09:00 AM

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I’m hoping this isn’t my daily driver for long,” he said. “I’d like to save it and use it for exhibit in some shows.

I’ll admit to the feelings first so that you don’t have to feel guilty about it. Sure, I’ll regret them later, but it doesn’t stop the reality.

I am envious and even jealous of Matt Pierson, second from the right in the above photo.

He didn’t do anything to me personally. All he did was become the winner of the Prestolite Performance Modern Muscle X sweepstakes, giving him the choice of a Camaro, Mustang or Challenger. The cars had been used for product development, but now one is in Matt Pierson’s garage.

He chose the Camaro. It was a logical pick for a guy who said, “I’ve been a Chevy man all of my life.”

It was earlier this year that Matt and his wife went from their Cherokee, Kansas, home to Nashville, Tennessee, and the RTM studios to pick up the prize. It was great timing because the phone call came just a few weeks after Matt returned from a year-long deployment in Afghanistan. One of the items on the “to-do” list was to find a car so that he could return to his work at the railroad.

Knowing the prize went to someone who sacrificed for our country, the jealousy is starting to subside.

“I’m in awe. This is such a magnificent looking car,” Matt said as he viewed the one that will be his.

The car shopping will have to continue. “I’m hoping this isn’t my daily driver for long,” he said. “I’d like to save it and use it for exhibit in some shows.”

His parents already own a couple of Camaros, a Gen-V and a 1968 model. One wonders if the bragging rights in the family just switched position.

With the Mustang and Challenger back at the Prestolite garages, this car now takes its place in the automotive world. One of the nice things about being a car person is the reality that there are some great ways to win cars. Some involve simple registration, while others may require you to buy a ticket. Those with the raffle aspect attached allow you to take a chance on being a prize winner, but you’re always a winner when you are helping a worthy cause. Times get tough in our lives, and there are those with true needs who are benefited by the generosity. When it all comes down to it, the prize really becomes secondary.

Unless Matt Pierson is reading this, it’s safe to say none of us will know the thrill of driving the modified Camaro that was part of the Modern Muscle X giveaway. It doesn’t mean we can’t keep trying. Trust me, we will.

I feel better already.