Callaway takes the most powerful convertible Corvette to the next level

Andy Bolig - July 02, 2012 03:10 PM


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Chevrolet has stepped up to the plate by producing the 427-powered Corvette 60th Anniversary Edition. Callaway Cars has continued their legacy to make that plate more powerful.

Starting with a solid platform in the 60th Anniversary Corvette convertible, containing a mix of Z06 and ZR1 DNA, the engineers at Callaway Cars has introduced this stout performer with even more performance through their SC652 package. This makes for the first 2013 Corvette to exit the Callaway facilities and considering that it's an Anniversary Edition, a convertible AND the first time that Chevrolet has offered the LS7 in a drop-top, all these items come together to make this an excellent offering to begin the production year for Callaway Cars.

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