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GT-H For Sale at Hot August Nights

Larry Jewett - June 24, 2014 11:48 AM

ImageCourtesy of Planet Shelby Cobra

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     Planet Shelby Cobra will auction one of the few 2006 Shelby GT-H coupes (Lot #700) owned and used by Shelby American at no reserve during the Barrett-Jackson Hot August Nights auction in Reno, Nevada, which runs July 31-August 2. Documented by the Shelby factory, used frequently by Carroll Shelby and his executives for the past six years and with only 500 built, the GT-H coupe is highly collectible and an exciting piece of American history.

     “The Shelby GT-H is a powerful performance vehicle,” said Stephen Becker, president of Planet Shelby Cobra. “Its black exterior is set off with gold ‘Le Mans’ dual racing stripes and ‘Shelby GT-H’ rocker stripes. Ford Racing Performance Group’s Power Pack really kicks up the V-8/five-speed automatic transmission powertrain. It’s no wonder that Carroll Shelby and his team loved driving this former ‘rent-a-racer’.”

      The Shelby (CSM06H371) is fitted with a unique front fascia with integrated lower grille, as well as a set of body side scoops. It features the Ford Racing Handling Pack, plus a 3.55:1 ratio rear axle assembly for extra off-the-line acceleration.

     The coupe is not only a powerful vehicle, but a star-powered piece of American history as well. The car was frequently used by Carroll Shelby and all of the Shelby executives while it was owned by the company. It was also part of the Hertz program which put high-performance, special-edition Shelbys into the hands of enthusiast-minded rental customers.

     “The Shelby GT-H Mustang coupe played a key role in American performance vehicle history,” said Gary Patterson, vice president of sales and marketing for Shelby American. “Offering Shelby small block coupes led to the development of the Shelby GT program. With its direct relation to Carroll Shelby, this car has real star power.”