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Galpin to Do Shelby Work

Larry Jewett - August 30, 2012 12:39 PM


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Galpin Auto Sports today announced it has entered into an agreement with Shelby American, Inc., a division of Carroll Shelby International to become the only authorized Shelby Mod Shop in the western United States.
“We are honored to become a Shelby Mod Shop,” said Beau Boeckmann, President of Galpin Auto Sports. “My father’s and Carroll’s relationship goes back 50 years when Galpin Ford became the first Shelby dealer in California. Carroll Shelby was a dear friend and we miss him tremendously. He was always looking to the future, so for us this is a way we can continue his legacy building amazing cars that honor him.”
Lee Iacocca introduced Carroll to Bert Boeckmann in the early 1960s. Carroll was quoted in an interview as saying “Lee said, ‘Make sure you do business with this man because he’s great’. We started building a few of the (Cobras) in England and Bert and Bob Tasca on the East Coast were the two people that got behind it, and if they hadn’t gotten behind it, probably nobody would have heard of the Cobra.”
Today, the only two authorized Shelby Mod Shops are Galpin on the west coast and Tasca on the east coast.
As an authorized Shelby Mod Shop, GAS can take any Shelby car, upgrade its performance or styling and the work is endorsed by Shelby American. Subsequently, any modifications performed will be documented in the Shelby Registry that chronicles the entire life of a Shelby vehicle maintaining the vehicle’s integrity and authenticity as a Genuine Shelby. There are many great shops out there, but only Shelby Mod Shops provide customers with Shelby American’s stamp of approval for providing quality service using authentic, quality Shelby products.
Since Shelby owners are car enthusiasts and lovers of all different cars, the Galpin Shelby Mod Shop has the ability to provide Shelby’s legendary style and performance upgrades even to vehicles other than Shelby models. In fact, whether it’s a Ford GT, Corvette, Camaro, Challenger, or even an off-road truck like Raptor, each vehicle modified will leave the Galpin Shelby Mod Shop with a Shelby certificate and engine plaque authenticating the work performed on their vehicle.
Inside the GAS showroom, Shelby enthusiasts will also find a wide selection of Shelby-branded memorabilia, apparel, merchandise, and parts for the do-it-yourself enthusiast.
For additional information about the Galpin Shelby Mod-Shop and GAS, visit or call (877) GO-GAS-GO. For information on Shelby American and its products, please visit or call (702) 942-7325.