Lease Now, Trade up Later

Double Up Deals on Challenger, Charger

Eric Kaminsky - April 15, 2014 01:30 AM


2014 Dodge Challenger

Photo: Chrysler Group LLC

2014 Dodge Charger

Photo: Chrysler Group LLC

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If you like the looks of the 2014 Dodge Charger or 2014 Dodge Challenger, but want to hold out until the new 2015 models arrive later this year, Dodge is now offering a special “Double Up” leasing deal.

The deal is available now through the end of August 2014.

Under this new “Double-Up” program, eligible customers may enter into a 12-month lease for a 2014 Charger (excluding Charger SE and Charger SRT) or a 2014 Challenger (excluding Challenger SRT).

When their 12-month lease is up, eligible customers who follow program rules are guaranteed the same lease payment on a 36-month lease, with no additional down payment, on select all-new 2015 Charger or Challenger models. Customers may lease any 2015 Charger (excluding Charger SE and Charger SRT) and any 2015 Challenger (excluding Challenger SRT).

If customers choose to purchase the 2015 model, they will receive $1,000 bonus cash toward the purchase of the vehicle.

Customers must use the same Dodge dealership for both transactions, lease through Chrysler Capital and follow program rules for eligibility. Customers interested in this offer should see their Dodge dealer for program terms and conditions and further information.

Dodge will reveal the 2015 Charger and 2015 Challenger at the New York Auto Show, which opens to the public on April 18 and runs through April 27.