Hellcat On The Horizon?

Rumors arise of a supercharged Hemi

Andy Bolig - January 25, 2014 12:38 PM


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thoughts have surfaced again that a huffed Hemi might finally be a reality

The rumor mill has had its share of tidbits about MOPAR creating a supercharged Hemi engine (internally referred to as “Hellcat”) to rival offerings by GM and Ford.

With recent sightings of what is assumed a 2015 Challenger in Death Valley, thoughts have surfaced again that a huffed Hemi might finally be a reality. Sources say that an increased-hp version of the HEMI may be the last-hurrah for this generation of the iconic engine, but the horsepower hidden beneath those covers could reach well into the mid-600-hp mark. Rumors place it squarely between the frame rails of the next model-year Challenger and Charger with a possible version for an SRT RAM pickup.

As horsepower numbers have steadily increased and the cross-town competition has embraced new technologies to make the most of available hydrocarbons, it makes sense that MOPAR would step up their efforts in corralling in some of those free-roaming horses. With several aftermarket kits showing their viability and performance ability, supercharging has also come into vogue among the OEM.

Several sources are putting the engine in front of either the manual transmission in Challenger or an eight-speed auto in Challenger and Charger variants. Changes to bodylines might be limited to necessary items like improving ventilation to both the engine and coolers for oil and the intake charge. Speculation puts pulling the covers off of this latest HEMI sometime early to mid-2014.