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Offered at Mecum Spring Classic

Larry Jewett - April 24, 2014 04:10 PM


A compeitiion Shelby has made its way to the states for auction.


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      When Carroll Shelby unveiled the GT350 to the press in early 1965, it brought excitement. The production GT350 was, in reality, a compromise, a streetable half-step toward the car Shelby actually planned to race – the GT350R, the “R” signifying its racing specification.The GT350R was the full realization of Shelby’s plan for a racing Mustang, and it immediately dominated SCCA B-Production racing.
      Independent competition GT350s proliferated, even in Britain and Europe. This 1966 GT350 was owned and raced by Swiss ace driver Herbert Müller from 1966 through the early 1970s. A European export model shipped to Ford Advanced Vehicles in Slough, England, it was modified with R-Model type racing equipment including a roll bar, oil cooler, 37-gallon fuel tank, fiberglass front valence, American Racing Torque Thrust “D” alloy wheels and, most interestingly, a Weber-inducted GT40 engine built by Holman-Moody.
      After his passing, Müller’s personal car collection sat dormant until 1985. Ron Randolph and his friend Rich Bard took over 600 hours to rebuild it. Randolph completed the car in time for the August 1986 Nurburgring Historic race. He displaying it at the Nurburgring Race Car Museum and then it went to Peter Kaus’ famous Rosso Bianco Collection in Aschaffenburg, Germany, in 1988. It remained there for 18 years before Randolph once again assumed its care and maintenance.
      Shelby serial number SFM6S342, the Müller GT350 remains configured as it was when delivered by Ford Advanced Vehicles, retaining the Holman-Moody-built GT40 engine. It is officially listed as an Independent GT350 Racer in the Shelby Registry and is offered with complete supporting documentation, including contemporary news articles, a copy of the invoice from Shelby American to Ford Advanced Vehicles and a copy of the letter from Auto Exclusiv to Ron Randolph confirming the Müller estate’s interest in selling the car.
      The car is being offered as Lot S161 at Dana Mecum’s 27th Original Spring Classic at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, May 13-18. Details are available at