Drivers' Choice Award

Corvette Stingray Claims Distinction

John Gunnell - February 26, 2014 04:30 PM


A Stingray cut-away in Chevy’s booth showed the new ‘Vette’s highlights

John Gunnell

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MotorWeek gave the Corvette Stingray its 2014 Drivers’ Choice Award during the Chicago Auto Show. The Stingray was recognized by MotorWeek host, executive producer and creator John Davis. He said the award recognizes “the pinnacle of automobiles.”
Davis stressed that the award looks at factors that matter most to consumers—price, practicality, performance and fuel efficiency. The Stingray was picked as “Best of the Year” for delivering exotic performance at far less than an exotic price. The car stood out for its eye-catching exterior design, high tech substances, honest quality and lofty performance.
Tim Mahoney, Chief Marketing Officer, Global Chevrolet said. "This is a fabulous award and one that we are exceptionally proud to call our own." The Stingray also took MotorWeek “Best Sport Performance Car” honors. 
“This new Corvette needs a race track to really show what it’s made of,” Davis stated. “The LT1 V-8 cranks out a standard 455-hp and 460 lb-ft. of torque.” Adding performance exhausts bumps those numbers to 460 and 465. “When it comes to bang-for-your-buck upgrades, none beats our car’s Z51 Performance Package,” added Davis. “The option adds a more track-worthy suspension, dry sump oiling for the engine, an electronic limited slip rear, bigger slotted brake rotors and black painted brake calipers, painted aluminum 19 and 20-in. wheels, lower aspect ratio tires, revised gear ratios, additional cooling and an aero package for $2,800.“
“The aggressive styling certainly grabs everyone’s attention,” Davis continued. “It’s full of purposeful lines and vents, like a real bully that would likely be picking on just about every European exotic on the playground.”