Reward of Patience

The Time Was Right For a New Owner

Gary Rosier - April 26, 2014 08:12 AM


Rocky Meisel is preserving the Shelby heritage

Gary Rosier

The distinctive Shelby powerplant

Gary Rosier

Data Plate

Gary Rosier

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      Rocky Meisel has had his eye on this original 1966 Shelby GT 350 Mustang since the ’70s. Rocky knew it was tucked away in a neighbor’s barn for some time, but hadn’t actually seen the car for years.
      Documented with Shelby American (6S2046), it sat around until February 2012, when Rocky was finally able to purchase the car. It’s a numbers matching car, including the original carburetor rebuilt by the owner.
      When the new owner got the car home, he began by washing it. The paint on the front fender was badly peeling away and the roof was in need of paint too, so those got attention. The interior is all original, and it was cleaned, but the carpet was replaced.
      He rebuilt the motor and added new fuel lines. In the pursuit of “better” but not perfection, he even left the windshield like it was, partially cracked. He doesn’t want to completely restore it, choosing to “just enjoy the car”.
      Rocky is committed to leave the car in its found state with the patina as part of the story. He has all the pictures, showing furniture all piled in and around the car with various boxes and things all over the car. In some of the pictures, you couldn’t even see the car!
      Shortly after getting the car, Rocky visited the Watkins Glen Shelby Convention in June 2012 and took laps in the car, turning the tach to 7,500 rpm and burning up race gas by the gallon! The car did all eight “sessions” of 20 minutes each, turning some good laps and handling well.
      These cars remind us of our youth, our parents and the love so many of us have shared for the automobile. It’s a love that lasts a lifetime.

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