Pursuit of Power

The Drive for the ZR1

Story Larry Jewett / Images Andy Bolig - February 17, 2014 09:00 AM


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Kirk Dobbs is no stranger to the Corvette enthusiast community. When you own a car like “Wild Thing”, everyone gets to know you.

“Wild Thing” is a 2007 Z06 that is a 700-plus horsepower naturally aspirated ride with lots of modification including a paint job that steals a lot of the attention. Many recognize it immediately when they see it, but today, on these pages, it has to take a backseat to its stablemate. This car is worthy of attention in its own right. In a way, you could call this car the “Subtle Sister” … that is, if there is anything subtle about a car with more than 600 horsepower stock.

“When I acquired the subject 2009 Corvette ZR1, I was already fortunate enough to own the previous C6 “King of the Hill” … in fact, three of them. I had a Velocity Yellow 2006, a 2007 (Wild Thing) and a Jetstream Blue 2008. But because the ZR1 was emerging as the latest ‘most powerful production car from the General’, I just had to have one.”

Desire is the easy part. Kirk had a geographic disadvantage that many readers don’t have to endure. He and wife Lynda are residents of the province of Ontario and the allotment for Canadian cars was far less than what the shipments would be in the United States. “It was not easy, given the total allotment of them for Canada was pegged at 50 … and later turned out to be a lot less than that, but the exact number that came to Canada in 2009 I have yet to find out.”

All he needed was one and he got it. “I took delivery in March, 2009 in Pembroke, Ontario. For a number of reasons, I swore that I would not modify my ZR1 for at least a year.”

Kirk made good on his vow to get a ZR1, but he wasn’t as successful in keeping with his word about waiting a year before modifying. Raise your hand if you think you could go a whole year, 365 days, without wanting to do something to any car you acquire. Didn’t think so.


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