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Jakeb Miller - April 17, 2014 08:00 AM

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Led by Renee's Springtime Yellow first gen, there's a long line of family Mustangs

Jakeb Miller

The first generation is favored because of the classic styling, but there is respect for the generations that followed

Jakeb Miller

A pair of 2014s, a V-6 and a V-8, fight for space in the family garages.

Jakeb Miller

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     Family gatherings for one particular Texas family have long been a miniature version of a Mustang show. By last count, the members of the family have owned more than two dozen Mustangs. We’re talking everything from nearly stock ’65s to ready-to-be-modded 2014s and just about everything in between.

     Larry McGinnis had always been a Ford guy and he was attracted to the styling, especially the fastback. Larry and Dixie McGinnis were living in Washington when they picked up their first Mustang. As they raised their family, they had Mustangs throughout the time and it naturally had an impact on the six children. In fact, five of the six received Mustangs for graduation presents. We can think of no better reason to stay in school.

     For Renee Williams, her graduation present was a ’65 Pony package in Springtime Yellow. “My dad made me learn to change the tires, check the oil and gauge the spark plugs before he would even let me out of the driveway. He never wanted me to be that helpless girl stranded on the side of the road.”

     She liked the car so much that, long after that original car was sold to another owner, she had to get another one, also Springtime Yellow ’65. The car was often accompanied by a companion pedal car, painted exactly the same way. The pedal car was the ride of Bentley, the family dog.

     Larry has a ’65 fastback 2 + 2 with the Appearance Group package.

     Jacqui West was working at a dealership when a 1996 Cobra arrived with 31,000 miles as a trade-in. She told Larry and he bought it. Jacqui had caught the Mustang bug at a young age. When she turned 16, an Escort ZX2 served the transportation needs until she could get her hands on a ’66 Mustang at the age of 17. She had a 2005 in Windveil Blue, but a stunning 2003 Cobra came in, so she snapped it up.

     Larry’s foray into the newest generation came with the silver 2005 coupe that was picked up from a local seller. Renee came into the new cars with a twin-turbo 2007 that’s always looking for more performance and power.

     There’s a lot to like about the cars in the current stable and those who have come before them. Right after we gathered the group together, the news filtered out – Larry and Renee got new cars…and they’re Mustangs. Renee picked up a 2014 Race Red V-6. At the same time, Larry jumped up to the V-8, also in Race Red.

     We’ll be watching to see which member of the family becomes the first with the new 2015 Mustang later this year.

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