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John Gunnell - February 16, 2014 12:00 PM

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The Saleen Heritage Collection was a featured attraction at the Chicago Auto Show and Mustang was leading the way.
"As a specialty manufacturer and [racecar] driver myself, it is the perfect alignment of passions that allowed us to complete an entire collection of vehicles during today's event", said Steve Saleen, President & CEO of Saleen. "We may actually be the only company that can offer this type of Automotive Collection all under one brand name."
The trilogy of vehicles are a continuance of the coveted Heritage vehicles that Saleen produced in the late 2000's - The Saleen | Parnelli Jones Edition and Saleen | Dan Gurney Edition.
The Heritage Collection Lineup - Celebrating Man and Machine – is led by the GF Edition Mustang that remembers one of the most successful racing drivers of this era, George Follmer. Follmer has been described as the go-to wheelman when the pressure was on and races needed to be won. The Saleen | Follmer Edition Mustang is styled from the #16 1969 Boss 302 Mustang that George Follmer campaigned the same year. Coincidentally, 1969 also marks the first year Ford Motor Company debuted and campaigned the Boss 302 Mustang. Mechanically advanced Saleen technology can be found throughout this 2014 Saleen | Follmer edition including a naturally aspirated 470-plus horsepower (estimated) 302 high revving four-valve engine, track tuned suspension, and a six-speed manual transmission.
All new Saleen vehicles wearing the Heritage Collection banner reflect the same vintage racing attitude of their respective counterpart of yesteryear. Paint color schemes are offered only in the same color identity as the original, forming the backdrop for the Special Edition graphics that set each vehicle apart from the rest of the pack. Each interior is composed to give the driver the same excitement and feeling of running hot laps before a big race, but with modern comforts. Exterior aerodynamics are representative of the beloved cars that race fans still reminisce about today.
"All of our vehicles in the Saleen Heritage Collection were designed and engineered to retain the authentic lineage of the original factory-backed racecars", added Steve Saleen. "In driving and seeing the new Saleen versions of each car I am quickly taken back to the memories I personally have of these cars at Riverside International Raceway from the ‘60's and ‘70s."
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