Mystical Build

Project Brings $60,000 to Fight Cancer

Larry Jewett - January 19, 2014 10:05 AM


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Cancer has touched the lives of nearly everyone we meet. We rejoice in the presence of survivors and mourn the loss of victims to the disease. You know someone who has personally gone through a battle, even if you are not affected yourself.
 Mary Jean Wesche, the editor of the Mustang Times, the magazine of the Mustang Club of America, endured the news about many family members, including her own daughters. She start a project a few years ago called “Mystical Build”, the idea of taking a 1967 fastback Mustang and creating a car that would be sold for charity. Dozens of Mustang related companies stepped up to bring the once-proud pony to a new life as a showstopper. Funds were raised through a raffle and the car was given to the lucky winner.
 The Mystical Build Foundation was Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Recently, the project culminated with a check presentation to the American Cancer Society. Mary Jean was able to hand over $60,000 from her idea in hopes of helping the lives of many others.
 In the car community, it’s about a making a difference for others and it’s a job well done.