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No Sale at Auction But Available

John Gunnell - March 27, 2014 03:39 PM

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A four-door Mustang limousine offered by a Redwood City, California, classic car dealer was bid to $9,438 in an eBay auction that ended two weeks ago. The white 1966 Mustang was constructed on a stretched chassis and remained unsold after the auction.
When a ’66 Mustang (VIN 6F07T73473) was built, no one knew its fate. According to the classic car dealership, the Mustang limo drives surprisingly well for a converted vehicle. It also has cold-blowing air conditioning, power windows and other options.
“You’ll be thoroughly impressed once seeing this 1966 Ford Mustang limousine because it is built to a very high standard,” said the online auction listing. “It is essentially a stock ’66 Mustang, except for the rear seating and the suspension; everything else has been kept as close to original as possible to make this unique ride truly appealing. It has a very classic look and this limo is exceptionally clean both inside and out with only minor wear present.”
The dealer quite logically suggested that the car could be used in a business such as a limousine service.  Another suggestion was utilizing it as a corporate vehicle at a shop that restores classic Mustangs or in any business.
Specialty Sales Classics, Inc. will keep the car in its Redwood City showroom for now, but it is for sale (Stock # 30789). Interested parties can call (650) 276-5400 or contact via email at