Holy Big Bucks

Batman Fetches Over $4 Million

Larry Jewett - January 24, 2013 10:17 AM


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The 1955 Lincoln that was modified to create the Batmobile seen on the television series of the 1960s has been a favorite car among many baby boomers. The car has changed hands, selling for 4.2 million dollars at the Barrett-Jackson auction.
 In keeping with their tradition, Barrett-Jackson did not reveal the name of the buyer officially, but the buyer just couldn’t keep the information to himself. He was identified in published reports as Rick Champagne, owner of Champagne Logistics. The car is destined to be a conversation piece in the new owner’s living room.
 I can just hear the Boy Wonder now, “Holy Social Gatherings, Batman. Is that our old faithful ride?”
 In case you are wondering, this might be one of the greatest returns on investment in history. Creator George Barris, who has kept the car since the show went off the air in 1968, paid $1 for the car. In its current condition, the car did not come with any crimefighting gear.