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Larry Jewett - October 02, 2013 02:20 PM


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You’ve never seen a build show like this. MAVTV and Rio Vista Universal are offering GEARHEADS, an all-new series focused on the incredible work of muscle car builders Nick Field and Rick Ford. Houston based shop, Fastlane, is the setting for a real look at muscle car builds and what happens to the vehicles once they leave the shop.
This is blood, sweat and speed, one mile at a time. There is always a race against the clock and a battle against the budget when you’re taking a car faster than 200 mph at The Texas Mile. GEARHEADS isn’t about a customer dropping off a car then watching him wave happily after the work has been done.
GEARHEADS will show the dyno test of each project vehicle as Nick and Rick push the limits of what people think are maximum speed and horsepower, and then follow the cars onto the street and the track where the Fastlane work will be tested at extreme limits.
“We are excited to showcase what we can do,” Nick Field says. “A lot of people think you bring in a vehicle, we work on it, the end.  We want to show what actually goes into a increasing a muscle car’s performance and let people see how much pressure there is and how much fun we have while doing what we love.”
GEARHEADS is slated to air in January 2014 on MAVTV.
Visit for a preview of GEARHEADS.