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Indiana tuner recommends and uses Royal Purple

Andy Bolig - May 27, 2014 04:10 PM


Royal Purple President Bryan Yourdon, Royal Purple sponsored driver Townsend Bell and Lingenfelter Performance Engineering CEO/owner Ken Lingenfelter with a specially wrapped Lingenfelter C7 Corvette at the 2014 Indianapolis 500.

Credit: Royal Purple

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The company builds some of the fastest cars on the planet and we’re excited to help them

Beginning immediately, Royal Purple products will be used in all Lingenfelter-tuned vehicles, including the Chevrolet Reaper high-performance pick-up truck, C7 Corvette, Camaro and Cadillac CTS-V.

Lingenfelter will recommend Royal Purple’s full line of premium lubricants and additives, such as gear oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, coolant and fuel system additives and greases, for its customers’ high-performance cars and trucks. Customers who take delivery of Lingenfelter-tuned vehicles will also receive a certificate for additional Royal Purple oil to be used at the vehicle’s first oil change.

In addition to serving as Lingenfelter’s official lubricant provider for its passenger cars and trucks, Royal Purple will provide its products to the Lingenfelter race team for road and drag racing campaigns. Royal Purple’s branding will be featured prominently on the L28 Camaro during the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational, at drag strips across the country and on the team’s trailer and fire suits. For its part, Lingenfelter also becomes an authorized distributor of Royal Purple’s full line of automotive products.

“We’re tremendously excited to be working with Lingenfelter,” said Royal Purple President, Bryan Yourdon. “With more than 40 years of experience in the tuning industry, Lingenfelter is a fixture of modern automotive performance. The company builds some of the fastest cars on the planet and we’re excited to help them continue to outperform with our full line of products.”

“The Royal Purple premium quality brand meshes perfectly with our company’s dedication to the highest levels of performance.  That’s why we’re recommending their products to be used in our performance tuned automobiles and specialty trucks,” said Ken Lingenfelter, CEO/owner, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering.

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