GTO test car at Carlisle

Only factory 421-equipped to be on display

Eric Kaminsky - March 20, 2014 08:00 AM

ImagePhoto courtesy of David Newhardt

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The 1964 Pontiac GTO is credited with starting the muscle car era, and the one used in the infamous Car & Driver “GTO vs. GTO” road test is scheduled to be on display this summer at the Carlisle GM Nationals June 20-22, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. 

In the test, a Pontiac GTO faced off against a Ferrari GTO, and Pontiac wanted an advantage. The Pontiac was supposed to be equipped with a 389ci V-8, but since the 421 and 389 were virtually identical and very difficult to distinguish from another, the factory slipped a 421 into the car. The 421 was not a normal engine option for the GTO, making this “cheater” car is the only known example of a factory-equipped 421. The secret engine swap for the Car and Driver test was not confirmed until Pontiac advertising guru Jim Wangers revealed it in his book Glory Days in 1998.

This car has been meticulously restored by Scott Tiemann of Super Car Specialties, and is being generously provided by Mr. Tenney Fairchild, the GTO’s current owner.


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