First Responder Tribute

Chevy Silverado Honors Brave Heroes

Larry Jewett - September 09, 2011 04:58 PM


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September 11 marks a decade since the tragic events changed the nation forever. Kicker Performance Audio was humbled in its inclusion on a custom Chevrolet truck inspired by the 9/11 heroes and first responders. Donated and funded by General Motors, the 2011 Chevy was unveiled at Ground Zero on September 6.

“It was an absolute privilege for Kicker to be involved in this tribute package,” Kicker global trainer John Myers said. “We’re an American audio company, headquartered in the heart of the U.S., so we wanted to provide this jaw-dropping truck with an audio system that matched its heartfelt paint job which commemorates those who risked their lives for this nation.”

The Silverado 2500HD crew cab was airbrushed by Mickey Harris. On the truck body, Harris painted memorable depictions of first responders in action as well as symbols of American freedom. A 13 ½ foot reverse tonneau cover displays the names of more than 400 first responders. “I love my nation and the first responders deserve to be recognized as the brave heroes that they are.”