Fastest COPO Camaro

Week old Camaro blasts off 8.64 @ 159.12 mph!

Andy Bolig - September 25, 2012 11:21 AM


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We believe there is more power left in this COPO Camaro

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has set the record for the world's fastest COPO Camaro just four days after picking up the drag car from General Motors.

The Lingenfelter COPO Camaro made an 8.64 quarter-mile pass at 159.12 mph this past Sunday at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.  After receiving the car and making a couple test runs as delivered by GM, the team made a few modifications - including installing a Lingenfelter LNC-2000 Adjustable RPM Limiter and Timing Retard Controller and changing the calibration - before running the record time.
"Chevrolet Performance built a great car and with a little bit of Lingenfelter magic we were able to pull extra power out of it," said Ken Lingenfelter, owner, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering.  "At Lingenfelter, we're experts at LS engines, and what we were able to do with the COPO Camaro in four short days is an extension of the experience and commitment we make to the LS package.  We believe there is more power left in this COPO Camaro, and we know our performance team will get it."
Lingenfelter ran their COPO Camaro during the company's inaugural Lingenfelter Performance Nationals event, held Sept. 21-23, 2012 at Summit Motorsports Park. 
For more than 34 years, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has created a matchless heritage of bringing astounding new capabilities to the world's most sought-after sports cars.  This legendary record of precision engineering continues today, as the highly skilled Lingenfelter production team continues to target design excellence in engine packages, superchargers and high-performance aftermarket components that refine power, speed and control. 

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