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Compiled By Eric Kaminsky - November 27, 2013 10:00 AM


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Mustang brake upgrades

Upgrade the rotors and brake pads on your 2005-2010 Mustang GT with ABS using these two kits from Wilwood Engineering. Both kits feature the company’s SRP Series cross-drilled and face-slotted directional rotors (which help dissipate heat and reduce pad glaze), cast from premium grade carbon iron which is machined for flatness, and then e-coated to reduce corrosion. Completing the package are ProMatrix brake pads and stainless steel flexlines. Calipers are NOT included.

Wilwood Engineering • (805) 388-1188 •


Window defroster repair kit

With winter coming, be sure your rear window defroster is working properly with Frost Fighter kits from Planned Products LLC. Made in the U.S. since 1986, kits include parts to replace broken or missing tabs, as well as a highly-conductive silver adhesive, and repair damaged defroster grids with a special tape and coating. Replaced tabs are then connected to the existing wire leads with universal connectors. The Pro Plus repair kit includes 25 tabs of each type, five Uni-Con defroster connectors, tab bonding kit and trouble lamp. The Master Plus includes all the items in the Pro Plus kit, but also add items necessary for grid repair. Parts fit most GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles.

Frost Fighter • (303) 682-0274 •


C4 Corvette headers

Hedman Hedders expands its product line with full-length headers for 1984-1991 Corvettes, designed to maximize exhaust flow while maintaining the factory catalytic converter locations. Made in the U.S., they are a direct replacement, and are 50-state legal (under C.A.R.B. E.O. #D-167-33). They feature 15/8-inch mandrel-bent primaries and three-inch ball-and-socket collectors, and the Ultra-Duty ELITE Series has 3/8-inch thick flanges and 14-gauge walls. Also included are weld-on header reducers that allow the ball-and-socket collector to bolt up to factory exhaust. All necessary hardware is included, as are instructions and an E.O. sticker. Standard duty versions (with or without EGR) are available uncoated or with the company’s polished ceramic metallic coating that protects up to 1,400 degrees F. Ultra-Duty ELITE Series (with or without EGR) come with an HTC hi-temp coating. Headers are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Hedman Hedders • (562) 921-0404 •


Buick oil pan

PML expands its offering for Buick Nailhead V-8 engines with a sand-cast aluminum oil pan. Made in the U.S.A., it is a bolt-on replacement for the factory original, and features fins; solid, wide walls for strength and durability; and a thick gasket flange that won’t bend when bolts are tightened. It is available in either a natural cast or hand-polished finish (the sides and the top fins are polished, but the area between the fins is not, for better contrast). A drain plug and mounting bolts are included. The company also makes valve covers, valley covers and spark plug covers for the Buick Nailhead V-8.

PML • (310) 671-4345 •



Studebaker quarter panels


Responding to customer requests, Goodmark Industries is now producing factory-style rear quarter panels for 1953-1961 Studebaker two-door coupes. These reproduction pieces are made from heavy-gauge stamped steel, utilizing new tooling developed by Goodmark using a factory original panel as a guide. They are then EDP coated, and fit Champion, Commander, Hawk, Flight Hawk, Golden Hawk, Power Hawk, Silver Hawk and Sky Hawk models. Right and left hand panels are sold separately, and ship via truck (LTL) due to their size.


Goodmark Industries • (877) 477-3577 •




SBF intake manifold

Improve airflow into your small-block Ford (1970-1974 2V 351 Cleveland) with the new X-Celerator intake manifold from Weiand. The aluminum mid-rise, single-plane assembly, an updated casting design, features a square carburetor mounting flange, and can handle a power band ranging from 1,500 to 7,000 rpm. Two four-barrel vacuum secondary models are available (600 and 750 cfm), as well as a 770cfm Street Avenger model. The company also sells a 4150 Ultra HP model in your choice of black, red or gray. It does not accept an EGR valve or hot-air choke, thus is not legal for use on vehicles with pollution control equipment.

Weiand • (270) 782-2900 •


Clay bar

Remove contaminants from your vehicle’s finish and restore its luster by using Mystic Clay, new from Wizards Products. Packed in a ¼-pound (120 grams), two-bar package, the clay quickly and easily removes tree sap, brake dust, and industrial pollution, and can even remove fresh paint overspray without having to use harsh solvents. The clay is safe for use on all paints and clearcoats, plus fiberglass, metal or any other hard surface. The company recommends using its Mist-N-Shine Professional Detailer for the highest gloss finish without scratching.

Wizards Products • (800) 356-7223 •


Flathead Ignition kit

Get better and more reliable starting of your 1942-1948 Ford flathead engine with this Ignitor kit from PerTronix. The kit, which features the company’s latest lobe sensor technology, fits flathead engines with two-bolt, front-mounted distributors. It replaces breaker points with a self-contained and maintenance-free electronic ignition system, and is 50-state legal. Four different versions are available: 6-volt negative ground, 6-volt positive ground, 12-volt negative ground and 12-volt positive ground.

PerTronix • (909) 599-5955 •


Steering column

Add a touch of nostalgia to your street rod or custom car with this stainless steel steering column from Speedway Motors. Measuring 30 inches long, it features a 1¾-inch stainless steel tube surrounding a ¾-inch steel steering shaft with a 36-spline end, and a three-inch diameter bell that contains the turn signal assembly, hazard light switch and horn components. The column accepts common 1969-1994 GM-style wheels and adapters. It is available in either a brushed or mirror-polished finish.

Speedway Motors • (800) 979-0122 •



Hood emblem


Finish off the restoration of your 1954-1955 1st Series Chevrolet truck with a new hood emblem from the Filling Station. Unavailable for many years, the reproduction piece is made from polished stainless steel, with crisply painted lines and bowtie logo. All mounting hardware is included, and the company also sells a hood emblem mounting pad separately.


The Filling Station • (800) 841-6622 •



Firebird appearance package

Improve the look of your 1982-1998 Pontiac Firebird or Trans Am with these spoilers from Classic Industries. Originally available for the 1988 model year only as a dealer installed option (Z20), three parts make up this appearance package: front wheel spoilers, rear wheel spoilers, and rear decklid spoiler. The front and rear wheel spoilers (sometimes referred to as “splash guards”) are made of urethane (like the factory originals), have the correct mounting points, are sold in pairs (right and left hand side), and come complete with mounting hardware. The rear spoiler is not an exact replica, but looks similar to the factory piece. It is made from fiberglass, and includes the third brake light. Mounting hardware is included.

Classic Industries • (855) 357-2787 •  


Contoured Hemi header flanges

If you’re swapping a new 5.7L Hemi engine into an older vehicle, you might have trouble getting round exhaust manifold or header tubes to match up with the new square ports. Ravenworks LLC has solved this problem with a header flange that features square ports that are contoured to round. Made from ½-inch thick stainless steel, they also feature a lip to locate the round tubes, which also allows for better weld penetration and tube fitment. They are sold in pairs.

Ravenworks LLC • (763) 463-3452 •