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Auto Enthusiast - June 20, 2011 09:00 AM


C5 Vinyl

Spruce up the interior of your C5 Corvette using UltraVinyl seat covers and interior components from Mid America Motorworks. Thicker and more durable than traditional vinyl, UltraVinyl is available in OE-inspired solid colors and two-tone combinations. Interior pieces include console cushions, shift boots and grab handles. The company also offers packages of UltraVinyl seat covers and seat foam.

Mid America Motorworks(800) 500-1500,


GT500 Shifter

Get faster throws and shorter, more precise shifts in your 2007 and newer GT500 Mustang with this six-speed shifter from Drake Muscle Cars. It features a solid, one-piece 6061 T6 billet aluminum frame and support arm, along with two transmission support bars. High-durometer bushings for the front and rear mounts and the lever replace the factory-installed rubber, and the lever pivots in a custom-made Delrin cup. The shifter is compatible with factory levers in 2007 to 2009 GT500s; a lever for 2010 and newer models that will allow use of the factory shift knob is also included.

Drake Muscle Cars, (800) 999-0289



High-Performance Oil Pump

Today’s newer engines spin faster, which could lead to problems with cavitation, oil aeration and loss of lubrication at high rpm. To provide increased volume and pressure during these critical times, Manley Performance has introduced its Pro-Flo line of high-performance oil pumps. Available for Chevrolet LS, Ford modular (two-, three- and four-valve) and Chrysler 5.7L or 6.1L Hemi engines, the company starts with a Melling Select Performance pump, disassembles it, hand ports the inlet for improved flow and adds a hard-coated aluminum housing and phosphate-coated cast-iron cover. Several styles are available; consult the company for details.

Manley Performance, (732) 905-3366,


Torsion Bars

Improve handling and lower ride height on your 1966 to 1976 Chrysler A-, B- or E-body muscle car with this torsion bar from Hotchkis Performance. Made from high-strength steel, the forged and heat-treated bars measure 1.03 inches in diameter and come complete with polyurethane seals and new retaining clips. While effective by themselves, the bars complement the company’s line of sway bars, leaf springs and Total Vehicle Systems.

Hotchkis Performance(877) 466-7655,


Firebird/Trans Am Hoods

Don’t spend precious time or money refurbishing rusted or damaged hoods on your 1977 to 1981 Firebird or Trans Am. Instead, replace them with these reproduction pieces from Ames Performance Engineering. The steel hoods feature the correct supportive bracing and underside structure like the factory originals. The Trans Am hood has the correct Shaker hood opening. Both styles come painted black, ready for blocking and priming prior to final painting. Due to their size and weight, they must be shipped via truck to a commercial address.

Ames Performance Engineering, (800) 421-2637,


Electric Water Pump

Unbolt the factory pump and replace it with this electric water pump for 2010 and 2011 Camaros from Meziere Enterprises. Designed for LS3 and L99 engines, it provides 55 gallons per minute, and its idler design allows you to retain all of your serpentine belt-driven accessories. It features a stainless steel main shaft with ceramic seal and comes complete with gaskets, hardware and fittings. It is available in either natural or clear anodized finishes.

Meziere Enterprises, (760) 746-3273,


Rust Prevention

Protect bare metal components from rust and oxidation with Rust Prevention Magic from ECS Automotive Concepts. The paste is a blend of waterproofing polymers and can be used by enthusiasts who want to keep bare metal parts looking brand new. It comes in an eight-ounce jar and can be applied to all metals.

ECS Automotive Concepts

(855) 532-7846,


Mustang Driveshaft

Performance-oriented 2005 to 2011 Mustang GT or GT500 owners can now replace their two-piece factory driveshaft for a lighter, one-piece driveshaft, available from Dynotech Engineering Services. The Dynotech assembly is made from either drawn over mandrel steel or 6061 aluminum. The steel model has a 3½-inch diameter with a 0.083-inch wall thickness, while the aluminum model is 3½ inches in diameter with a 0.125-inch wall thickness. A heavy-duty aluminum driveshaft is also available, measuring 4.0 inches in diameter. Each driveshaft is hand assembled, computer welded and high-speed balanced. The company can also custom build driveshafts for all pre-2005 Mustangs.

Dynotech, (800) 633-5559,


Oil Filter Adapter

When retrofitting an LS engine into a different engine bay, you may run into clearance issues with the oil filter and oil pan. Stef’s Fabrication Specialties solves that problem with its oil filter adapter for LS engines using an aftermarket steel oil pan or aftermarket block. The adapter, made from 6061 T6 billet aluminum, has internal passageways measuring 5/8-inch in diameter and comes complete with oil filter, O-rings to seal the adapter to the oil pan, two removable AN-8 bungs for oil cooler hoses, a nipple to secure the filter and mounting bolts.

Stef’s Fabrication Specialties, (732) 367-8700,


Show Mirror

When your car is on the show field, why just let people see what’s on top? Race Ramps introduces the Show Mirror, a self-contained mirror and travel case that allows people to easily see the underside of your car. Featuring an acrylic flex mirror (so no worries about glass breaking), the durable case easily fits in the trunk, measures 48 x 20 x 3 inches and weighs just 17 pounds. A specially designed cover fits over the mirror when not in use.

Race Ramps (866) 464-2788,


Door Weatherstripping

Seal out the elements while enhancing the appearance of your 1967 to 1968 Dodge or Plymouth B-body two-door sedan with a set of door weatherstripping from Metro Moulded Parts. Made in the U.S.A., these premium seals fit those cars with the solid metal frame around the door glass, have the correct softness rating and come with correctly spaced anchor pins already in place.

Metro Moulded Parts

(800) 878-2237,



Power Brake Booster

Complete the restoration of your 1967 to 1972 Chevelle or El Camino with this single-diaphragm power brake booster from Bob’s Chevelle Parts. The GM-authorized reproduction measures 11 inches in diameter and is stamped with the correct Delco Moraine logo. It can be used with either power drum or disc brakes.

Bob’s Chevelle Parts

(866) 243-8355,


Multi-Disc Clutch

Centerforce adds to its DYAD DS multi-disc clutch line with its latest release for the 2011 Mustang GT with 5.0L V-8. The fully-dampened assembly (pressure plate, disc set, floater and lightweight steel flywheel) provides for smooth engagement when shifting and a light touch on the clutch pedal. It is designed to handle 1,300 lbs-ft of torque at the flywheel and is a direct bolt-in replacement for the factory original. It comes complete with ARP fasteners.

Centerforce, (928) 771-8422,


Solid Flat Tappets

Drawing on its experience with making tool steel flat tappets for NASCAR engines, Trend Performance is now offering a premium, tool steel solid flat tappet for use in Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler V-8s with cast-iron camshafts. These tappets can be rebuilt and re-ground when returned to Trend for refurbishment. They feature a super-fine surface finish and are available with an optional oil hole in the foot or contact area. They can handle higher valvespring pressure on engines turning in excess of 7,000 rpm.

Trend Performance (586) 447-0400,


Super Sport Console

Finish off the interior project on your 1966 to 1967 Nova Super Sport with this four-speed console assembly from Harmons Chevrolet Restoration Parts. The assembly includes a black plastic base with the original vinyl grain texture, diecast top plate, SS emblem, shift slider and shift bezel with indicator. A three-piece set of mounting brackets is sold separately.

Harmons, (888) 439-4004,


IRS Center Section

Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts adds to its product line of independent rear suspension components with its new fabricated steel center section. The piece is an upgrade to the company’s high horsepower PRO-G independent rear suspension. Made from heavy-duty seven-gauge steel with interior reinforcements, it allows for increased oil capacity, which improves cooling and extends gear life. It is 10 pounds lighter than the aluminum housing, uses large bearings for the stub axles, and the bigger interior area provides space for a larger gear range, providing builders more choices in gear ratios.

Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts

(847) 487-3701,

Pete Pedersen

Turn Signal Rebuild Kit

For safety reasons, if the turn signals in your 1955 to 1958 Chevrolet car aren’t working properly, replace the worn plastic parts and spring using this seven-piece rebuild kit available from The Filling Station. All parts in the kit are new.

The Filling Station, (800) 841-6622,


Camaro horns

Complete the restoration of your 1967 or 1968 with a set of reproduction horns from Keen Parts. Sold in pairs, these new units come complete with the correct mounting brackets, and the Delco logo and other factory markings are molded in.

Keen Parts, (800) 757-5336,


Coyote headers

If you want to swap the latest Mustang engine, the 5.0L “Coyote,” into a Fox body or SN95 Mustang, then you need to change the headers to make it fit. BBK Performance is now offering headers for this swap for Mustangs with a manual transmission, and they feature an extra O2 sensor on the driver’s side for hooking up a wideband monitor. Headers come complete with necessary hardware, gaskets and O2 sensor wire extensions, and they are available in either chrome or polished ceramic finishes. A matching three-inch crosspipe is also available, which positions the outlets at the same location as stock.

BBK Performance, (951) 296-1771,


Shaker bubble

Customize your Mopar by adding this Shaker bubble from XV Motorsports. Made from 100 percent carbon fiber, it comes complete with heavy gauge stainless steel mesh inserts and will bolt onto a factory Shaker base. The carbon fiber is approximately 10 pounds lighter than the factory original. The company will be adding a universal Shaker base kit soon, and it also makes reproduction steel Shaker hoods for the Challenger and ’Cuda.

XV Motorsports, (914) 693-1122


Thermal lining

Reduce heat and dampen noise from the engine bay with Boom Mat’s new thermal acoustic lining. Made from ¾-inch thick, industrial grade acoustical foam covered with a reinforced reflective aluminum skin, the peel-and-stick application is easily installed by simply trimming it to fit. It is available as a 12-square-foot (32 by 54 inches) package.

Boom Mat, (800) 264-9472


Corvette Headers / Side Pipes

Get a performance boost and improve the look of your 1963 to 1982 Corvette with side mount headers and side tubes from Doug’s Headers, a division of PerTronix. Headers are available for both small- and big-block engines, and feature thick 3/8-inch flanges, heavy 16-gauge tubing, and a choice of three finishes: a standard metallic thermal barrier with optional black high heat or chrome. Collectors measure 17/8 inches for small blocks and 21/8 inches for big blocks. Matching four-inch side tubes bolt to existing holes in the car’s rocker panels and clamp on to either the small- or big-block headers. The same three finishes are available. The company also sells three different muffler inserts for the side pipes.

PerTronix, (909) 599-5955,


Seatbelt assemblies

Improve the safety of your mid-’60s Mustang with these race-style lap seatbelt assemblies from Virginia Classic Mustang. Styled after belts found in cars like the 1965 and 1966 Shelby GT350, the three-inch-wide belt features a quick release latch and protective leather pad. The ends have holes, so mounting them is a bolt-in operation, requiring no modifications. Each assembly will do one seat.

Virginia Classic Mustang, (540) 896-2695

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